Decorating can be a real pain. If you haven’t got the cash spare to hire professional decorators, you haven’t got any other option but to do it yourself. Luckily for you, there are plenty of home DIY apps out on the appstore today, helping to make any home DIY projects a breeze. Read on to learn more:

Home DIY With Craig Phillips

Although some people know Craig Phillips as the first winner of Big Brother, he’s also a DIY expert. With this app, you get to view lots of videos on different things, helping you to complete DIY tasks in the home. Learn how to paint radiators, hang wallpaper, use a power drill, and more. This app also comes with lists, so you can be sure you have everything you need to complete a project.


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Handy Man DIY

Handy man DIY is a helpful little app that can take the stress out of decorating your home. For example, if you want to know how much paint you’ll need to complete a room, all you need to do is enter your measurements and the app will work it out for you. You can save lots of important information in this app for later, and even create shopping lists for your trip to the DIY store.


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Photo Measures

This app can be used for many things, but I love that it can be used for your own projects, or for creating plans to take to a contractor. It’s perfect for anybody who may need to note down sizes or angles of a home, such as an estate agents in Taverham, for example. Whether you’re a contractor, estate agent, designer, or DIY junkie, this app is for you.


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Screwfix Toolbox

This app can help you with a variety of projects, both based indoors and outdoors. You’ll be able to estimate the materials you need for the job, so you can get it done in record time with no faffing around. Along with the materials calculator, there’s also a spirit level to help you make things perfect.


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Decor Advisor

Who wouldn’t love to have a decor advisor, waiting right in their pocket? There’s a paint calculator, so you can work out exactly how much you need. There’s also the feature that allows you to select the perfect tools for the job, so you can complete it with ease. There are even how-to guides and tips to help you!


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Home 3D for iPad

Design the look of your home with this 3D app. Probably the best 3D home design app on the appstore! You can look at different paint colours, wallpapers, and furniture to help you plan your design and layout.


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iHandy Carpenter

With 5 tools included in this app, you’ll love how it makes your projects so much easier. You get a spirit level, steel ruler, steel protractor, and more!


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Download these apps and you’ll see just how stress free decorating your home can be. Thanks for reading!

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